Moonlight Shadow x Parallax

Naoki Obukuro wrote and performed the song Parallax, Moonlight Shadow’s director Edmund Yeo made the clip. Obukuro came under the spotlight back in 2016 when he performed a duet -Tomodachi- with J-pop super star Utada Hikaru for her come-back album Fantôme.

With this music video, viewers can get a taste of the luscious visuals and cinematography of the movie…

Edited with the director’s comments below

Director Edmund Yeo‘s comments: “PARALLAX means the displacement of an object because of a change in the observer’s point of view, the title of Nariaki‘s wonderful song sums up its relationship with the MOONLIGHT SHADOW film perfectly. While the film was from Satsuki’s point of view, this song, to me, was from Hitoshi‘s point of view. His unspoken feelings for her are illustrated perfectly in the song. Therefore in this music video, I used some scenes and shots that weren’t in the film, revisiting some moments from the film, but more from Hitoshi‘s point of view. He may be gone, but it’s just a matter of parallax, if Satsuki changes her position to view it again, his feelings remains.”

Sources: Oricon NewsNatalie MusicMovie CollectionCinema CaféMusic Man

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