Moonlight Shadow Premiere

Friday September 10: stage greetings for the Moonlight Shadow official premiere at the Toho Cinema in Hibiya, Tokyo. The two leads, Nana Komatsu (Satsuki) and Hio Miyazawa (Hitoshi), as well as supporting actress Asami Usuda (Rei/Urara) attended. The movie is released nationwide…

A cheerful and happy Nana Komatsu told the audience she was very pleased to enjoy such stage greetings as the pandemic situation made such events difficult for months. The three actors shared memories of the shooting…

…and a few personal anecdotes: Nana Komatsu‘s mother watched the movie in the morning and just like the main character, Satsuki, the actress would love to have a cat. The cat in Moonlight Shadow, Ku (real name Kyoko) was apparently totally crazy about Ciao Chuuru/CIAOちゅ〜る petfood 🙂

Stage greetings full clip

nana komatsu with co-stars

Nana Komatsu

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