Elle on Elle 2021

With two new films about to hit Japanese theaters in the near future – Moonlight Shadow on September 10 and Parasite in Love in November – actress and model Komatsu Nana comes under the spotlight these days and the odds are it’ll be like that until late fall at least.

Over the years she has graced the covers of countless magazines in Japan and overseas, mainstream or indie, glossy and niche-like but though she’s been a regular guest of Elle Japan for featured articles, the cover of Elle Japan was missing in her big collection. This has just been fixed with the October edition of Elle: We Love Paris ! The actress and Chanel House Ambassador wears Chanel 2021/22 ready-to-wear collection, photographs by Shunya Arai of Yard Tokyo.

The October issue of Elle Japan is available from many online stores like Amazon Japan. For other stores and the digital edition please check Elle Shop.

Elle x Chanel

5 questions with 5 stories is a combined Elle Japan and Chanel campaign announced on August 23 with two actors, Hio Miyazawa and Nijiro Murakami, and three actresses: Kotone Furukawa, Ai Hashimoto and Komatsu Nana.

5 questions 5 stories (August 28)

Elle article and video released on August 28 !

Keywords from Nana Komatsu. Being creative = aspiration/ambition – Freedom = fashion – Style = intuition/instinct – New Era = to live simply – Elegance = the word that best describes Coco Chanel.

Nana Story (September 3)

Sources: Elle Shop JapanHearst.co.jpLilxLil

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