Trabzon Selection

Shot in Turkey and marketed as ‘Nana Komatsu First Photo Collection‘ the Trabzon photobook was released on March 1, 2016. The 92 pages book offered 43 pictures of the young actress and model as well as shots of various places with locals.

Copies are still available for about $20 from several online stores like Amazon Japan or CD Japan. Just below is a limited selection of scans from ‘Trabzon’. Photographs by Keita Goto.

promoting trabzon Photobook

Komatsu Nana welcomed fans for an autograph session at the Tsutaya store in Shibuya, Tokyo, on March 5, 2016

Other Photobooks: Galaxy, shared with actress Miwako Wagatsuma (2010) – The ProtoStar Series published in 2013 – 18 (October 8 2014) – Snow White in Snow Land (October 31 2014) – All clickable links: Amazon Japan.

Sources: Cinema CafeOricon NewsModel PressThe Qoo

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