Summer Dew

Actress and model Komatsu Nana makes the cover of Dew Magazine for its Vanity Summer 2021 issue, #41. The featured article includes a photoshoot and an interview in which the actress tells about Ito aka Tapestry (one of her recent films). Then the journalist develops a bit about her forthcoming role in Edmund Yeo‘s adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novella Moonlight Shadow.

The young thespian also gives her feelings about the consequences of the current pandemic. A situation that makes travelling and contact with others difficult and somehow leads to introspection. Photography by Jo Motoyo, article and interview by Vanya Harapan.

Nana Komatsu is wearing Perverze clothes. You can browse and download for free the whole magazine there : If their server is busy you can alternatively get it from this link: Dew Magazine-Vanity Issue (pdf file, about 48Mb)

« Receiving and award is not everything but I am happy to receive recognition for the work done with the people involved (…) at the same time, it gives me courage »

« Every time I finish a project, I cut my hair, even if it’s just a little bit. By cutting my hair, I feel like the role is gone and I can finally move on »

« I am where I am today because of the support of many people (…) especially when I’m in the filming place, I can feel it the most (…) I also believe that my family, friends, and the people who always support me have given me confidence »

Sources: Dew Magazine Site Dew Mag InstaTsubasadicky

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