Elle on Elle 2021

With two new films about to hit Japanese theaters in the near future – Moonlight Shadow on September 10 and Parasite in Love in November – actress and model Komatsu Nana comes under the spotlight these days and the odds are it’ll be like that until late fall at least.

Over the years she has graced the covers of countless magazines in Japan and overseas, mainstream or indie, glossy and niche-like but though she’s been a regular guest of Elle Japan for featured articles, the cover of Elle Japan was missing in her big collection. This has just been fixed with the October edition of Elle: We Love Paris ! The actress and Chanel House Ambassador wears Chanel 2021/22 ready-to-wear collection, photographs by Shunya Arai of Yard Tokyo.

The October issue of Elle Japan is available from many online stores like Amazon Japan. For other stores and the digital edition please check Elle Shop.

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Trabzon Selection

Shot in Turkey and marketed as ‘Nana Komatsu First Photo Collection‘ the Trabzon photobook was released on March 1, 2016. The 92 pages book offered 43 pictures of the young actress and model as well as shots of various places with locals.

Copies are still available for about $20 from several online stores like Amazon Japan or CD Japan. Just below is a limited selection of scans from ‘Trabzon’. Photographs by Keita Goto.

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Moonlight Shadow Looming

Moonlight Shadow, Edmund Yeo‘s next movie, will hit Japanese theaters on September 10. The promotional campaign for the film is gaining momentum with the release of a second poster as well as a second and longer trailer.

Moonlight Shadow is a film adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novella of the same name, written in 1986 and translated in many a language since then. Komatsu Nana is Satsuki, Hio Miyazawa is Hitoshi. Additional cast members: Himi Sato (Hiiragi) – Nana Nakahara (Yumiko) – Aoi Yoshikura (Hotaru) – Seiya Nakano (Mitsuru) – Usuda Hasami (Rei) – Theme Song ‘Parallax’ by Nariaki Obukuro.

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Summer Dew

Actress and model Komatsu Nana makes the cover of Dew Magazine for its Vanity Summer 2021 issue, #41. The featured article includes a photoshoot and an interview in which the actress tells about Ito aka Tapestry (one of her recent films). Then the journalist develops a bit about her forthcoming role in Edmund Yeo‘s adaptation of Banana Yoshimoto‘s famous novella Moonlight Shadow.

The young thespian also gives her feelings about the consequences of the current pandemic. A situation that makes travelling and contact with others difficult and somehow leads to introspection. Photography by Jo Motoyo, article and interview by Vanya Harapan.

Nana Komatsu is wearing Perverze clothes. You can browse and download for free the whole magazine there : Issuu.com. If their server is busy you can alternatively get it from this link: Dew Magazine-Vanity Issue (pdf file, about 48Mb)

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