Just Like This

‘Something just like this’, a song collaboration between American duo The Chainsmokers and British band Cold Play, was a worldwide hit that went #1 in 70 countries including Japan. The official video for the track was basically a lyrics clip with few visuals. Director, writer and producer Genki Kawamura decided to make a special one for Japan.

Kawamura set up a dream team: dance artist Kento Mori was in charge of the choreography, Chuya Koyama (widely known for Space Brothers) designed the characters, renowned cinematographer Keisuke Imamura was behind the camera helped by Yuki Nakamura for the lighting. Shingo Abe dealt with the CG effects under the direction of Yasuhiro Aoki as the clip was a mix of live action and animation sequences.

Story: a young boy who dreams of becoming a super hero like Superman or Batman but has no real ability meets a woman, falls for her and eventually learns from her to grow up as a ‘hero’ who will inspire others. The video music clip starring actress Komatsu Nana and the then fifth-grader Koki Kirimoto was released on May 25, 2017.

Nana Komatsu’s comments: I got to know it when I was driving with a friend, it was on the radio. It’s very pleasant to listen to (…) I hope everyone will listen to the album a lot (…) For the shooting I was nervous, it was difficult yet the fun part was the dance scene. I felt frustrated with myself for not being able to do it very well, but Koki’s total dedication and the atmosphere of the place cheered me up so it was really enjoyable (…) I was very happy to be able to work with Mr. Kawamura on a music video for a song that I think is very beautiful and that I really like.

November 2021 update: back on YouTube

Sources: Model PressQeticElle JapaniFlyer

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