Zipper Mag Summer 2015

2015 was a year of transition for Komatsu Nana, a model since she was 12. At the time she was still a newcomer in the world of cinema. She landed a supporting role in Bakuman (released in October) and more was to come when news surfaced about the filming of Silence, wrapped in May ! In Scorsese‘s new masterpiece she was Monica.

Her celebrity status took a new turn when Chanel made her a House Ambassador later in the year. Throughout 2015, Nana Komatsu appeared in more than twenty mags such as Frau, Vivi, Soup, Nylon, Onkul, Mini, Vikka or Vogue Japan either on the cover or in a featured article.

Here’s a series of scans from the summer issue of Zipper Magazine. Available from Amazon Japan (published on June 23)

Sources: ASBS JapanSolanin (Tumblr) + direct scans from the mag

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