Hana Chérie

On March 23, 2017, Avex released the clip for Hana Chérie (花cherie) a new song by AAA singer Takahiro Nishijima aka Nissy. The following day a web movie based on the same song and themes became available. Both videos (3’45 and 10’30 for the longer version) featured actress Komatsu Nana and were directed by Takahiro Miki.

Story: a young magician falls for a beautiful girl he casually meets in a hospital ward. She’s handicapped and stuck to a wheelchair. With his magic she regains the use of her legs. They dance and have fun but miracles, like love, don’t last. Short-lived happiness, the lifespan of a flower…

花Cherie – Song Clip

花Cherie – Web movie

Hana Cherie Book

Gentosha published a photo novel in May 2017. This 120-page book is still available from various online stores like CD-Japan. Here is a selection of scans…

Bonus: in May 2016, Shiseido released a short CM for their Ma Cherie line of products. Jingle by Shiina Ringo…

Sources: アンナナAmeba (1) Ameba (2)Vogue ChinaMami-chBarksTwisoku

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