Vogue Makes It Playful

28 April 2021, Vogue x Chanel special page: clips and photoshoot with actress and model Komatsu Nana. Photos and video by Akinori Ito, Stylist: Rena Semba, Hair: Yusuke Morioka, Makeup by Nao Yoshida at VOW-WOW. Check the original page and its beautiful design: Make It Playful.

More to come in the June edition of Vogue. Komatsu Nana was selected by Vogue Japan as one of the Women of the Year 2020.

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Zipper Mag Summer 2015

2015 was a year of transition for Komatsu Nana, a model since she was 12. At the time she was still a newcomer in the world of cinema. She landed a supporting role in Bakuman (released in October) and more was to come when news surfaced about the filming of Silence, wrapped in May ! In Scorsese‘s new masterpiece she was Monica.

Her celebrity status took a new turn when Chanel made her a House Ambassador later in the year. Throughout 2015, Nana Komatsu appeared in more than twenty mags such as Frau, Vivi, Soup, Nylon, Onkul, Mini, Vikka or Vogue Japan either on the cover or in a featured article.

Here’s a series of scans from the summer issue of Zipper Magazine. Available from Amazon Japan (published on June 23)

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VogueMe Taiwan 2019

A fantasy photoshoot by photographers Manbo Key and Chien Wen Lin for the April 2019 edition of VogueMe Taiwan: wearing extravagant clothes and make up, sometimes equipped with gigantic crab or lobster claws, actress and model Komatsu Nana also made the cover of the magazine (issue #4).

Thoughout April until May, Manbo Key and MWStudio Taiwan released more stuff from that curious session, outtakes and other shots that did not make it in the magazine…

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Hana Chérie

On March 23, 2017, Avex released the clip for Hana Chérie (花cherie) a new song by AAA singer Takahiro Nishijima aka Nissy. The following day a web movie based on the same song and themes became available. Both videos (3’45 and 10’30 for the longer version) featured actress Komatsu Nana and were directed by Takahiro Miki.

Story: a young magician falls for a beautiful girl he casually meets in a hospital ward. She’s handicapped and stuck to a wheelchair. With his magic she regains the use of her legs. They dance and have fun but miracles, like love, don’t last. Short-lived happiness, the lifespan of a flower…

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Niko and – March 2019

‘Spring is coming soon’ was the third short film commercial Nana Komatsu and Masaki Suda starred in for the Japanese brand Niko and. (あ、ハル) was directed by Chie Morimoto and released on March 8, 2019. The theme song was ‘Kotoba’ by J-pop duet Ukasuka-G.

Synopsis: when they were little kids, a boy and a girl had a secret base where they used to play games only them could understand. Now that they’ve grown up, they’ve completely forgotten about this childhood hideaway. However, one day they’re kind of summoned and go back to that secret place on a hill. There they find a huge Space Time Capsule and subsequently strive to open it to discover things from the past and new clothes and objects they’ve never seen before…

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