44th Japanese Academy Awards

Not this time ! A recipient of an Excellence Prize for her role as Sonoda Aoi in Ito, actress Komatsu Nana did not get the supreme award in the Best Actress category. Experienced actress Nagasawa Masami was voted Best Actress by the Academy for her remarkable and powerful performance in Mother.

Nana Komatsu looked radiant and beautiful in a Chanel dress from the Haute Couture Fall 2019-2020 Collection, with a new haircut and wearing earrings at the top of her ears. Funnily, there was some interaction and questions from the MCs about her costar Masaki Suda (also a nominee as Best Actor) regarding the filming of Ito and their previous collaborations, much to the delight of fans who like to pair them more often than not.

Though she wasn’t awarded the Best Prize, it seems obvious that Komatsu Nana is no longer perceived as a newcomer, she grabbed several noms and awards during the last two years and it was the second year in a row the Academy gave her a nod. In years to come, there will be plenty of opportunities to rejoice and celebrate, she will sure get the leading parts in strong films that will propel her into a new and even greater dimension.

Red carpet arrival for the nominees in the Best Actress category

While talking about his role in Ito, actor Masaki Suda answers the MC about co-star Nana Komatsu who went to the filming site though she had no scene to shoot…

Nana Komatsu develops a bit about the famous ‘katsudon’ scene, surely one of those acting moments which led to her Excellence Prize and nomination in the Best Actress category. She also tells about Masaki Suda’s positive influence when shooting a film, in terms of advice and inspiration…

Chanel photographs

Today, Numero Tokyo, Ginza Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar celebrated Komatsu Nana‘s Excellence Prize as well as her elegance at the 44th Japanese Academy Awards ceremony in Tokyo. The actress was wearing a dress and accessories elaborated by Chanel Métiers d’Art workshops. This Chanel outfit required 269 hours of work !

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