KineJun Awards 2017

The 90th Kinema Junpo Awards were held at the Bunkyo Civic Hall in Tokyo on February 5 2017. There, actress Komatsu Nana received the prestigious award in the “Best New Actress” category for her performances in Destruction Babies, Drowning Love and Maniac Hero.

She was in good company with acclaimed actress Rie Miyazawa, Rena Nounen/Non, the then emerging talent Hana Sugisaki as well as co-star Yuya Yagira and director Tetsuya Mariko (Destruction Babies)…

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HER. Magazine HQ

‘Down to earth, polite, humble, positive and well-spoken; these are just some of the ways that could describe Komatsu Nana’. This is the very first line from the article (and interview) that goes along with a stupendous photoshoot for Her. Magazine, a New Zealand based luxury magazine which is issued twice a year. The young star comments on modeling, acting, her debut with The World of Kanako, her overseas experience with Scorsese (Silence) and willingly shows her love for travelling and buying vintage clothes…

You can purchase your copy of Her. Magazine #11 from the Official Site Store but delivery might be faster if you order it from a Japanese site like T-Site. If you use T-Site but do not reside in Japan, you can set up a Tenso account (a forwarding service for overseas customers) and have the mag sent to your place for a reasonable fee*. Also available from CD Japan Proxy shopping.

Her. Magazine #11 also includes featured articles about Misato Morita, Anna Brewster, Rena Takeshita, Sara Lanzi, JGrrey and sixteen other people related to either the world of fashion or entertainment (or both). Actress, model and Chanel Ambassador Komatsu Nana graces one of the four covers selected for the September 2020 issue of the magazine. Nana Komatsu photoshoot by photographer Yuki Kumigai.

*expect rather high post and packaging fees as the magazine is really big and heavy. Note that delivery may take up to 8 weeks depending on which site you buy from…

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Omotesando Illume 2018

On November 29, 2018, actress and Chanel Ambassador Komatsu Nana was the ‘M.C.’ for the opening of the annual illuminations at Omotesando, Tokyo. Usually, the area gets lit with the push of a button but that evening the young model activated over 900,000 LED bulbs via her brand new Google Pixel device.

Later on she rode a Google Pixel themed bus as part of the company’s promotional campaign. From the Jingu Bridge intersection to the Omotesando intersection, the area was to be illuminated until December 25. The illumination is one of Omotesando’s most popular winter features.

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