Dew Magazine 10th Anniversary

Just like in 2019, actress and model Komatsu Nana is on the cover of the Anniversary edition of Indonesian magazine Dew ! Their featured article on the actress runs from page 146 to 179 and includes lots of pictures from a superb photoshoot by renowned photographer Ko-Ta Shouji. The actress is wearing clothes from Soduk, Chika Kisada

Briefly interviewed by Vanya Harapan (p.176) the young actress says among other things she’d like to play in an action movie and though she doesn’t want to turn her love for photography into a profession she is considering a small exhibition of her photographs.

This 10th anniversary issue (#38 – December 2020) is available as a pdf file from Dew’s server, if you have problems downloading it, you can get it by clicking here:

Main source: Dew Magazine

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