Sakura Trailer and Poster

Sakura, the new movie from director Hitoshi Yazaki, starring Takumi Kitamura, Ryo Yoshizawa and Nana Komatsu will hit Japanese theaters on November 13. The production has just released a first trailer and the film poster. Theme song “Ao no ID” written and performed by legendary band Tokyo Jihen.

Synopsis from AsianWiki: There is a happy family that consists of parents and their 3 children: Hajime (Ryo Yoshizawa), Kaoru (Takumi Kitamura) and Miki (Nana Komatsu). Hajime is the first son and he is handsome and popular. His presence in the family is large. Kaoru is the second son and he is an ordinary university student. Miki is the young child in the family. She looks up to her brother Hajime a lot. One day, Hajime has a car accident and the family falls into despair. Slowly, the family recovers.

Sakura links: Official Film Site TwitterInstagram

Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen

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