Ito Promo in Progress

TV appearances, promo messages from the two leads, sponsoring from Niko and, as the production team continues feeding Twitter with stills from the ‘making of’ and some other new pics, the campaign has entered a new phase with the announcement of a pre-screening special day: viewers will get a chance to watch Ito before its national theatrical on 21/08. (Oricon News)

According to Filmarks recent survey, Ito is the most anticipated movie in August.

This page is bound to be regularly updated throughout August so stay tuned !

ITO PREVIEW: Wednesday 12 August in 350 Toho theaters all over Japan.

making of stills

‘Niko and’ sponsoring

Suda Masaki and Komatsu Nana have been the brand’s ambassadors since early 2018, no wonder Niko and is one of the main sponsors for the film. The ‘Niko and’ campaign starts on Friday 31 July and will continue through September. One of the highlights is a photo exhibition of shots taken by Takumi Saitou, one of the film’s actors. Special page: Niko And/Ito movie.

Promo message: the two allude to the times of crisis and say it made people think about how important it is to connect with others. NB: if the video doesn’t show, just reload the page.

Thread Challenge – July 31

Thread Challenge – August 6

Stardust Promotion Interview (Japanese)

The Yakai TBS show (August 13)

various film stills

Line Online – August 15

Line online promo event with Seiji Kameda (from Tokyo Jihen) who wrote the soundtrack for Ito (Natalie Music)

Suda Masaki, Komatsu Nana and Eikura Nana on TBS, July 29

‘I think it’s fate that we’re playing together’ says Masaki Suda in TV Japan interview, Yahoo News (Japanese).

Academy Night on TBS, July 22

with Masaki Suda on TBS Academy Night, August 12

TV CM (August 6)

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