Spoiled Innocence

In 2016, actress and model Komatsu Nana starred in Spoiled Innocence, a new clip by popular Taiwanese singer songwriter Yoga Lin. The official music video was released on YouTube by HIM International Music on June 16 then a short making of documentary became available soon after on July 5.

Spoiled Innocence is the short-lived romance between a young woman and the owner of a food stall lost somewhere on a harbour. You can check the lyrics there: In My Melody (Chinese and English)

making of documentary

Nana Komatsu has a special connection with Taiwan which maybe started when she went there for the filming of Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, Silence, in 2015. She often visits the country either for work (Chanel events, photoshoots for magazines) or for a vacation.

She has a solid fan base in Taiwan, made a few friends there and likes the people, the culture and the landscapes. In various interviews she made no secret she was also very keen on the local food. No wonder she looks enthusiastic while shooting this music video…

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