Fuji Fun with Arashi

On Thursday April 23, co-stars Nana Komatsu and Masaki Suda, currently promoting their forthcoming movie Ito, were the guests of the Arashi show on Fuji TV. ‘Gestures’, kicking balls and other games, the two comedians had a good time and a few good laughs.

Nana Komatsu playing ‘Gestures’. Here’s her list: へアメイク: hairmaking – フラダンス: hula dance – 口ケット: rocket – カーリング: curling – ポーニーテル: pony tail – サプライズ: surprise – フルート: flute – スカイダイビング: nhảy skydiving – カエル: frog – 力ラオケ: karaoke – マント: cloak – ハイヒ一ル: high heels – アフロへアー: Afro hair – パトカー: police car

selection of vidcaps and gifs

You can download the full show from this link (SD 640×480): VS嵐

Main sources: Model PressSam (Twitter) – Moka (Twitter) – Serenity (for the gifs)

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