Palm Maison 2015

Throughout 2015, Komatsu Nana appeared in catologues for the Palm Maison Store wearing mostly Ohta and Ippei Takei clothes, bags and accessories. Then a newcomer in the world of cinema (The World of Kanako was released the previous year), she had been modelling since 2008. In 2015, she became a House Ambassador for Chanel. Below is a selection of pics from the Palm Maison collections.


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Parasite in love

Nana Komatsu will star in ‘Parasite in love‘ with actor Kento Hayashi, a film directed by Kensaku Kakimoto, mainly known for music clips he made for Miyavi, Boom Boom Satellite or The Radwimps. Set for a release at some point next year, the movie is a sad and twisted romance based on a novel by Sugaru Miaki which you can read in English there: Parasite in love.

Plot by AsianWiki: A young man named Kengo Kosaka suffers from extreme mysophobia. Due to his compulsive disorder, he is unable to maintain a relationship with anyone. Kengo Kosaka is also a lonely young man. Meanwhile, high school student Hijiri Sanagi has scopophobia. Because of her fear of being stared at, she refuses to go to school. Both Kengo Kosaka and Hijiri Sanagi do not expect to find love with another person, but they meet and fall in love. They have happy days, but …

Director Kakimoto commented on his lead actors about what they brought to the film: Kento Hayashi gave it heart and Nana Komatsu gave it life.

Both actors referred to the current world crisis in their comments, here is Nana Komatsu‘s message: “We’re in a precarious situation where we don’t know what’s going to happen now and tomorrow, I sincerely hope that a bright light will shine on the world as soon as possible”.

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