2020 Magazines Stand

Pictures from articles, interviews and photoshoots published in Japanese and overseas magazines from February to late spring 2020. This post will be regularly updated.

Current list on page 1: Mina – Bis Web – Souen (May) – Highway Walker – Barfout – Madame Figaro Japan – Bis Magazine – Elle Japan – on page 2: Aera – Madame Figaro (April) – Study Sapuri – TV Guide – Cosmopolitan Japan – Pop Magazine (UK) – Olive – Souen (March) – Screen Plus – Dew Magazine (Indonesia)

Most magazines can be purchased online from stores like CD Japan or Amazon Japan.

Mina (June issue, cover)

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Georgia CM and Oricon News

Brand new CM released on March 23 for Georgia Latte Nista, on sale from March 30 onwards. The clip will be broadcast nationwide the following day. Georgia is a branch of Coca Cola Japan.

Oricon interview: Oricon news seized the opportunity for a brief interview with the actress. Asked if she enjoyed the shooting, Nana Komatsu says she liked it very much (being with people in an office, wearing a western suit, the atmosphere of cooperation..) but then the interviewer shifts to past vs present questions, quite a relevant move as the young star has been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, half her life. Article and full interview there (Japanese)

She recalls when she was scouted while shopping with her mum in Harajuku, Tokyo.

In the years that followed, she continued to attend school because she basically wanted to lead a normal life, enjoy simple things and socialize with her hometown friends whom she’s still in touch with.

When she started her acting career while still in high school she was worried because she felt she knew nothing about acting.

She says she still feels the pressure today with new roles and new challenges but finds fun in that and a sense of fulfilment as she is given the opportunities to develop her potential.

Not without humor, the young actress says that when she thinks it’s difficult, it gets even more difficult every year and then feels positive (‘that’s a plus’) as she overcomes obstacles.

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Proto Star Collection

The Nana Komatsu Proto Star series, volume 1 to volume 9, were published as eBooks between February and November 2013. They were original and exclusive photoshoots from previous years. Young Nana Komatsu had been working as a teen model since she was 12 for magazines such as Jille, Spoon, Haco or Nico Petit. She also appeared in Panasonic commercials, more ‘prestigious’ mags such as Nylon Japan and was soon to embrace an acting career with The World of Kanako.

Those eBooks are still available from many online stores. Amazon Japan has the complete series on the Kindle format. However you must be a resident in Japan or at least use a credit card issued in Japan to purchase them. Below is a selection from volumes 1 to 3 (volumes 4 to 6 on page 2, 7 to 9 on page 3)

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Close Range Yuni

In 2014, Nana Komatsu starred in Tetsuya Nakashima’s The World of Kanako, a very dark role in a dark and nihilistic tale. As Kanako she delivered a noticeable performance which launched her acting career. The same year the public could see her impersonate a totally different character in Close Range Love, a romantic comedy.

The script was rather linear, the theme a little ‘cliché’ and everything was quite predictable in this gentle romance. Newcomer Nana Komatsu was Yuni, a brilliant student, totally immersed in her studies, shy, reserved, almost unable to express her emotions therefore odd enough to be bullied a bit and basically very lonely. No wonder some high school girls in the public could relate. The movie was successful in Japan and other Asian countries and is often a favorite among the youngest members of her fandom. Here’s a collection of screencaps (1920×804)…

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