Open talk on Closed Ward

Filmaga interview: Director Hirayama and Nana Komatsu

Closed Ward -international working title ‘Family of strangers’- is to be released in Japan on November 1rst, nationwide. On Monday October 28 (Japan time), movie magazine Filmaga released an interview with Director Hideyuki Hirayama and his lead actress, Nana Komatsu. Below is a very brief summary on top of the pics from the photo session. Please check the original article (in Japanese)

Interestingly, the movie is part of the official selction for the 14th edition of the Kinotayo Film Festival in France: Family of Strangers (French and Japanese available).

We learn from Director Hirayama that his script was basically a blueprint and it was adapted on the spot while actually filming with the staff and the actors. Filming took about a month.

Nana Komatsu says she was glad to be offered the role and felt impatient to interact with co-stars Go Ayano and Tsurube Shofukutei to build up the close relationship they have in the movie.

The young actress has a very long scene while in court in the second half of the film. Director Hirayama told her in advance he wanted to have it done in one single cut to keep the flow and level of emotion. Confessing* she is not the type of thespian that can do things properly without rehearsals, she still remembers the tension, yet, the scene was shot in one take. *(TN: humbly)

Director Hirayama often discussed with the actors about the nuances in their respective lines.

Nana Komatsu adds that Mr Hirayama shows a lot of respect for his comedians and that made her feel comfortable. The actress adds that she did communicate a lot with the director and the staff throughout the shooting.

The interview ends up with Director Hirayama mentioning a feeling of achivement as he has been working on the projet for months. Nana Komatsu stresses again her love for movies and being on a film site.

Official Site (Japanese)

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