Memories of Akira Tachibana

Directed by Akira Nagai, Koi Ame aka After the Rain (恋は雨上がりのように) is a live action movie starring Nana Komatsu, Yo Oizumi, Nana Seino, Honoka Matsumoto, Hayato Isomura, Shono Hayama, Maika Yamamoto, Yo Yoshida

Synopsis from Asian Wiki: Akira Tachibana is a 17-year-old high school student. She was once a promising athlete, but an injury has prevented her from taking part in track and field. One day, Akira Tachibana goes to a family restaurant and the manager talks to her in a tender voice. This makes Akira Tachibana begin working part-time at the restaurant. The manager is 45-year-old Masami Kondo (Yo Oizumi) and he is divorced with a child. Akira Tachibana falls in love with him.

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From Cinema Escapist: “While the romance — given the age difference — was never meant to be, seeing someone young and passionate like Akira rekindles Masami’s own forgotten feelings of youthful passion towards literature (…) their romance touched both of them deeply and made them rediscover something both of them had forgotten — how much they loved their own passions (…) After the Rain did a great job of handling Akira and Masami’s relationship in a nuanced, tasteful way”

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Vogue Japan 2017

In August 2017, Nana Komatsu was the ‘Girl of the month‘ for Vogue Japan. On this occasion, she was filmed and shot by famous photographer Akinori Ito who by the way has been working with the actress and model many times (for Shiseido/Integrate CMs for instance). Nana Komatsu was wearing Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Chloé, Gianvito Rossi, Loewe, Stella McCartney …

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The Red Chapter 02

The Red Chapter is the second instalment of Thrill ! The Black Chapter and The Red Chapter, a drama produced by NHK. The four episodes were broadcast in winter 2015 between February 22 and March 15. Detective Togawa (Keisuke Koide) from the Metropolitan Police Department teams up with young Hitomi Nakano (Nana Komatsu) to solve difficult and intriguing murder cases.

Hitomi is not a detective, though she truly wishes to become one. She is a clerk in the general affairs section of the Metropolitan Police and her job is to check the receipts sent by agents while in mission to make sure the taxpayers’ money is properly used. She often ‘borrows’ the small black notebook on which Togawa writes down the details of his investigations. Smart Hitomi thinks fast and she knows all the tricks used by criminals because her own father, who abandoned her when she was a teen, was a mighty conman.  

Below you will get galleries of quality video captures and an SD/low res* subbed version of episode two in which Hitomi puts herself at risk. (*640×480)