Asian Star in New York

Director Bernard Rose and Nana Komatsu, his female lead in Samurai Marathon attended the movie’s US Premiere at the Film Lincoln Center in New York, on the evening of the 28th. The young actress received the Rising Asia Star Award, a special prize for Asian thespians who are deemed to have the potential for a successful international career. She was the first Japanese actress honoured by the festival since Fumi Nikaido in 2014.

The waiting

The Award

The Q&A Session

Interview report: shortly before the Award ceremony, Nana Komatsu was interviewed by Hiroaki Saito for Yahoo! Japan. With him she recalled the time of Kawaki (i.e. The World of Kanako) when she did not really consider being an actress, she wanted to go abroad because she likes old clothes and vintage stuff.

Coming to New York for the first time made things come true yet it gave her a feeling of both excitement and strangeness, as if things were not real, she went to the vintage shops though.

On hearing the news about her award, she told him she was on the “What’s going on? Me?” mode for some time then felt really happy and thankful, seeing it as an exceptional experience with good memories she would never forget.

Speaking English makes the world a bigger place‘ she added. With all due respect, reasserting her love for shooting films in her own country, she said she’d like to get a chance to meet and work with foreign directors and actors and would seize opportunities.

She said she felt ready to work hard and face challenges even for small things. The journalist concludes his article with hopes the trip to New York and the Award will be a step forward for her film career on the international scene.

Other Official Pics

with George Hu

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