Tadaima Short Film

Please read! I’ve left the whole article the way it was written and published back in June 2019. The Tadaima DVD, once a very hard to find collectable item is available again from the director’s store: Daisuke Shimada Online Store. Post modified on August 15, 2021 (new edit on 30/12/2022: minor corrections & some new pics).

Sumire, a teenage girl, convinces a driver* to take her to her homeplace in the Tohoku region. There, they find an area which was ravaged by the tsunami that followed the megathrust earthquake on March 11, 2011. The disaster destroyed her house and took away her parents. Through compassion and carefully chosen words, the man will offer the young girl what she has lost: the will to survive and live.

This short film (runtime is approximately 27′) was presented in 2013 at the Tama Cinema Forum. Directed by Daisuke Shimada and produced by Qotori Films, it cast only two actors, Shohei Uno and a complete newcomer in the world of cinema, 17-year-old Nana Komatsu.

Tadaima enjoyed a second life when the company decided to release it on DVD in October 2016. That was good timing as the actress and model film and media exposure was quite spectacular that year. The digipack item included a booklet, the film on DVD and a bonus music clip, an alternate version of Tin Plate/ブリキ by Radwimps, featuring Nana Komatsu.

*according to the Japanese script, the man is a small entrepreneur with his business car… 

It has become a rather hard to find collectable item these days, it is no longer available from any store, including the Qotori Online store for the company no longer exists and ceased all activities last December. Yahoo Japan Auctions might be a good option to get a copy.

I truly recommend Tadaima, it is a moving story full of grief and hope. Nana Komatsu fans will also find out that some of her acting characteristics were already there: natural, spontaneous, nuanced and ‘old school’ as much is conveyed through her eyes. Fun and excentricity too, there’s a rather comical passage once she gets in the car (watch the excerpt below).

Screen Captures



From the booklet

The first 7 minutes

if the video thumbnail looks broken as if the clip wasn’t available, just reload the page

Why am I still alive?

Alternatively you can download a low res version of the whole film (640×480, no subs) from this storage server: Tadaima (on Media Fire)

16 thoughts on “Tadaima Short Film

  1. Onionwarrior

    Hnggg this is god sent! Thank you i’ll be waiting patiently for it my friend! You are the best ❤

    I watched the first 5 minutes and tried to understand some of the basic japanese but too bad, im so sad T,T i need moar Nana Komatsu!


  2. NeKoChan

    Will this film release a Blu-ray disc or a 1080P streaming?I have bought the dvd,now really want a better version. reply me anytime


    1. Unfortunately a Blu-ray release is quite unlikely to happen. The company which released the movie no longer exists, even the director seems to have vanished !!! Unless Nana Komatsu becomes a mega super star and some company decides to cash on her fame, we’ll never have a Blu-ray for Tadaima.


  3. NekoChan

    I’m happy that the director is active now on Instagram /Facebook。Also sell the film’s dvd on his homepage(it can find on his wiki page).Now I hope director could upload a HD version to streaming site,although this is unlikely .


  4. Just rewatched it, realised the man is not a taxi driver and uses a service car from what is his own company, according to the Japanese script. Oops, gomen !


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