Ginza Mag Photoshoot

Ginza magazine online has just published a superb photoshoot of gorgeous Nana Komatsu, still busy promoting her latest film, Sayonara Kuchibiru. The article is a mix of bits of interviews, with a focus on her co-star Mugi Kadowaki whom she describes as a helpful partner.

The post begins with a reminder of the actress being a calm and peaceful person, different from the (wild) cat she is as Leo Nishino in the movie. The actress is then asked if she likes games, the answer is a definite yes and she playfully tries three of them: Waniwani Panik, next is Zitternix (a popular game in Germany) and finally a card game called Obake Catch (catch the monster).

Here is a selection of pics and a short clip direct from the magazine. To see and watch more -a series of 30 pics, a couple of gifs and three short clips- go there: Play Game W/ Nana Komatsu. Photographer: Shiori Ikeno.

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