Asian Movie Pulse Interview

Asian Movie Pulse has just released an interview of Director Bernard Rose and actress Nana Komatsu. Rouven Linnarz from AMP attended the US Premiere of Samurai Marathon at the New York Asian Film Festival. Read the whole interview there: Interview with Bernard Rose and Nana Komatsu: Bernard likes real, raw responses.

Selected Excerpts

Bernard Rose on Nana Komatsu: Nana is such an amazing actress and she draws you in during her performance. She is very thoughtful and there is a lot going on behind her eyes. Additionally, she is very witty and funny. You might look at some of her works and think she is a bit flighty, but that is not the case. In fact she is very strong and that is what I wanted for that character.

Nana Komatsu on her role as Yuki Hime: Princess Yuki is a character who lives in a very closed, confined environment. But she has an interest in the Western world and she is really committed to what she likes. And it is not only that, she turns this into action. I was very drawn to that: this woman with this very strong feeling and passion. It was something that I haven’t done in the past, and so it felt really new to me. On top of that, working with a foreign director I thought would help me grow and would challenge me.

Asian Star in New York

Director Bernard Rose and Nana Komatsu, his female lead in Samurai Marathon attended the movie’s US Premiere at the Film Lincoln Center in New York, on the evening of the 28th. The young actress received the Rising Asia Star Award, a special prize for Asian thespians who are deemed to have the potential for a successful international career. She was the first Japanese actress honoured by the festival since Fumi Nikaido in 2014.

The waiting

The Award

The Q&A Session

Interview report: shortly before the Award ceremony, Nana Komatsu was interviewed by Hiroaki Saito for Yahoo! Japan. With him she recalled the time of Kawaki (i.e. The World of Kanako) when she did not really consider being an actress, she wanted to go abroad because she likes old clothes and vintage stuff.

Coming to New York for the first time made things come true yet it gave her a feeling of both excitement and strangeness, as if things were not real, she went to the vintage shops though.

On hearing the news about her award, she told him she was on the “What’s going on? Me?” mode for some time then felt really happy and thankful, seeing it as an exceptional experience with good memories she would never forget.

Speaking English makes the world a bigger place‘ she added. With all due respect, reasserting her love for shooting films in her own country, she said she’d like to get a chance to meet and work with foreign directors and actors and would seize opportunities.

She said she felt ready to work hard and face challenges even for small things. The journalist concludes his article with hopes the trip to New York and the Award will be a step forward for her film career on the international scene.



When reading the many positive reviews regarding Nana Komatsu’s acting skills and profile, there’s one adjective and one noun that come up quite often: versatile, versatility. She was a shoplifter in Destruction Babies, a psychic in It Comes, a sprinter in Koi Ame and everyone remembers the angel-faced yet demonic girl she impersonated in The World of Kanako.

One may say she’s been in many live action romantic movies but that’s just happenstance and circumstance, even in those she portrayed characters who were worlds apart: Yuni in Close Range Love and Natsume in Drowning Love have very little in common indeed. With three new films to be released in 2019 (Closed Ward) and 2020 (Sakura and Ito), it seems she’s going to venture into rather dark or at least dramatic mature roles.

For the time being she is a non conformist, rebellious princess in Samurai Marathon, which is premiered later in the day in the US.A. at the New York Asian Film Festival.

Nana Komatsu will attend for a Q&A session with director Bernard Rose. She will also receive a special prize: the Rising Star Asia Award.

Komatsu Nana is on the cusp of superstardom in Japan, in demand not only as an actress but also known as an influencer and fashion icon. Martin Scorsese recognized her appeal early on, choosing her for a small role in Silence (2016); and as the kickass heroine of Samurai Marathon, she proves why she deserved the recognition. Komatsu made her film debut just 5 short years ago, playing Yakusho Koji’s wild daughter in Nakashima Tetsuya’s The World of Kanako (2014). She was honored with many acting awards and won the Japan Academy Prize for Rookie of the Year. She then chose to follow an unusual path: rather than appearing in dozens of films and TV shows, which is typical for Japan’s up-and-coming actors, she has selected projects carefully and taken roles that demonstrate an impressive versatility in one so young (she is just 23)… Source: NYAFF.

Belle in Taiwan

Taiwanese Magazine Bella has just published a photoshoot and an interview of the young actress and model. Wearing Chanel, including Coco Crush jewelry and accessories, Nana Komatsu talks at length about her career as a model, fans, the internet, her love for acting as well as the soft spot she has for Taiwan. Original article in Chinese by ELI. (Photo session in Tokyo)

Among other things she says she never thought she could be loved by so many people and develops a lot on how new roles are experiences that enrich her as a person. Whether it is in the world of fashion or the cinema industry Nana Komatsu likes to challenge herself because difficulties are the road to improvement. She wants to learn more.

As a person who values friendship and real interaction with people she says she really appreciated the kindness of the Taiwanese. She hopes she’ll return there to enjoy natural spots and the food !!

More about Bella Taiwan on Facebook and Instagram. All the pictures belong to their righful owner at Bella.


Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam is celebrating soon its 8th anniversary. Actress and Chanel Ambassador Nana Komatsu has been selected to grace one of the 8 different covers of a special edition. The other ones have been released on their Facebook page (Elena Matei, Charlie Puth, Bebe Rexha etc…).

The cover is the first pic released from a photoshoot by New York based photographer Dalong Lucas Yang. Here’s a little message he wrote on his Instagram account:

“My favorite Japanese actress @konichan7 (Nana Komatsu) graces my lens for the 8th Anniversary cover for @bazaarvietnam. I had been wanting to work with Nana since her first movie was out and I’m so grateful to finally work with her for this opportunity!! Even though I can’t speak Japanese but Nana is so sweet that she told my interpreter she had a really great and fun day shooting with us. That means a lot to me!!”

Source: Nana Komatsu’s Insta @Konichan7

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