Asian Facebook Fanpages

Nana Komatsu belongs to a relatively small and undeclared club of Japanese celebrities who enjoy a solid fan base outside Japan, in other Asian countries.

Many of her Japanese and Korean fans are very active on networks such as Instagram running accounts that can attract tens of thousands of subscribers but there are also several Facebook Pages which have been around for a few years already. Here’s some general info on three of them.

小松菜奈 Komatsu Nana Taiwan

With more than 8700 likes and over 9200 followers, this page is one of the most active fan pages with frequent updates and a pretty impressive collection of albums and videos. Here’s a short message from the admin: Komatsu Nana Taiwan is not an official fan page. Welcome everyone ! Follow our fan page

Nana Komatsu often goes to Taiwan for what looks like work and pleasure trips. In recent years, she attended a series of fashion events there and was on the cover of several fashion magazines. Therefore, this page is a bonus for her Taiwanese fans.

Nana Komatsu 小松菜奈 VietNam

Nana Komatsu 小松菜奈 Vietnam is one of the two big Facebook pages from Vietnam. It is updated on a regular basis and enjoys over 7000 likes and followers. Message from the admin(s): We welcome Nana fans from all over the world and we will have English captions for English speakers. Also any Vietnamese willing to be editor or admin of the page can contact us directly. Thank you.

The page also provides a great collection of pictures and a video section.


Komatsu Nana Vietnam Fanpage is one of the biggest Nana Komatsu Facebook fanpages in Asia with over 13400 likes and a community of followers which is nearly 14000 strong. Frequently updated it provides a rather huge collection of pics and videos. On a side note, its webmaster was a helping hand when I set up Nana Komatsu World Fans (closed group) in its early days, in September 2017.

Though none of these pages use English as the primary language, they are all worth a like and regular visits for they offer a lot.

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